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Yuko Okudaira is a Japanese artist based in Los Angeles. She carves stones, draws, knits, and swims. They consist of mundane movements and it allows her to calm her nerves and tap into a more profound and spiritual realm. It's a way for her to break free from the constraints of routine and linear thinking, opening up a space for creativity and exploration that goes beyond the surface of things.

Yuko's artistic mission is to uncover beauty that possesses a profound spiritual functionality, allowing individuals to expand their senses and attain a deeper awareness of the enchanting magic that envelops our existence. Her practice serves as an ongoing expedition into the intricate junctures where spirit harmonizes with matter, where traditional craftsmanship intertwines with contemporary techniques, and where art becomes a conduit for the intangible forces that shape our lives.

Instagram @yuko.okudaira

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